How To Avoid Wasting Food In Your Restaurant

In the US, more than 7 million tons of food for human consumption are wasted per year. An equivalent to 179 kg per person per year.Crazy, right? 

The losses of the sector are generated because of the losses. What are the losses? Losses are all those products that are lost in the food preparation process. To avoid them in your kitchen, it is vitally important that you focus on food control and optimization. 


Restaurants King of Prussia is going to improve the financial profitability of your restaurant!

What Causes Losses?

  • Storing wrong products: if you forget to store a perishable product in the right conditions or put a delicate raw material with weight on top, this will cause the food to spoil.
  • Overbuying: make sure you order the exact amount of product you need, or the surpluses will most likely turn into losses and waste.

Sustainable Choice

  • Low-quality purchases: cheap is expensive. It is understandable that when selecting a product, we seek that it benefits our pocket, but if we only look for price, then we are willing to lose money and never be sure of what we are serving / eating. Regarding waste: buying a product for the simple reason of having a reduced weight can end up causing that you cannot serve it in your letter due to its poor quality – and you have to throw it away. Look for a fair price, like those of King of Prussia, which also ensure quality. 
  • Temperature problems: you must make sure that your refrigerators and freezers always work perfectly to keep the product in perfect condition. Remember to do maintenance and temperature control, so you can take action quickly. 

Organic, whenever possible

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  • Temperature problems: you must make sure that your refrigerators and freezers always work perfectly to keep the product in perfect condition. Remember to do maintenance and temperature control, so you can take action quickly. 
  • Lack of verification of the purchase: when you receive the merchandise, be sure to check that it is complete, sometimes theft or loss of the merchandise may occur. 

In King of Prussia, we put it for you easy, reduce waste and financial losses with these tips that will help you manage your kitchen more effectively.

Perfect The Art Of Storage

Many restaurants have little storage space for products since spaces for diners are always prioritized. You must always make sure you have enough space to supply all those types of food required in stock to prepare your letter or menu. Also, do not forget that the first products to enter the warehouse must also be the first to leave, so avoid food spoiling!

Look At Your Stock Or Inventory Always With A Magnifying Glass

Regularly reviewing your stock of products, you make sure not to run out of any raw materials for your recipes, and you will also avoid over-ordering something you don’t need. 


Take An (Analytical) Eye On Your Dishes

Sometimes you may realize that diners cannot finish the dishes. It’s time to rethink your portions and readjust the size of the servings served – at least until American tourists can travel again. 

Less Is More; Reduce The Latter

Avoid having a menu full of endless dishes for which you need many ingredients. A specialized and concise menu will allow you to avoid food waste. Also, having a reduced menu will allow you to perfect your recipes to the maximum and have greater control over your stock of ingredients.

Experience Is A Degree

Ensure that your kitchen team receives training on the treatment of raw materials; sometimes, it is difficult to find specialized personnel for your restaurant and with the necessary previous experience. Do not care anymore!

At King of Prussia, we always come to make it easy for you. With our delicious and fun range of thematic products, your kitchen will go on wheels. Pay attention to the advantages!

If, for some reason, you have food that is in good condition but that you are not going to use, do not throw it away. We are in moments of crisis, where more and more people are making long lines at the food bank to put something in their mouths. In Pennsylvania, food banks during confinement were not enough.

4 Tips For Creating The Perfect Atmosphere In Your Restaurant

If you have a restaurant, you must offer high-quality food, but you should not forget to provide excellent customer service in a comfortable, safe, and clean place.

It is important to vary the restaurant menu offering new recipes at an excellent price. Still, it is also advisable to invest in advertising, use applications that improve customer service and use interior design trends that improve business branding.

Important elements to take into account to create the perfect atmosphere in your restaurant

Table Capacity And Distribution

You must create a comfortable environment for the client. Tables and seats have to be of high quality, and they must be properly positioned to allow waiters to move easily. You should never place the tables in front of the kitchen, near the bathrooms, or at the restaurant entrance.

Ambiental Music

You must choose good music to create a pleasant atmosphere in your restaurant. According to important studies, soft music improves restaurants’ image and is ideal for customers to taste their food in a quiet and comfortable environment; it can even make food tastier for diners.

Color Palette

You must use the psychology of color to attract customers. For example, companies that sell fast food use the color red because it whets the appetite. If you want to decorate your restaurant well, you can opt for yellow and orange colors to create a pleasant atmosphere. For your customers to consume their food in a peaceful environment, use the color green.

Lighting And Decorative Elements

You must use pleasant and excellent quality indoor and outdoor lighting to attract customers. Use comfortable chairs, ergonomic tables, and the best quality dinnerware.

For example, if you have a home-cooked restaurant, you can use elegant pieces of local crafts.

In short, it offers high-quality food but does not forget that the setting of your restaurant is also a decisive factor for the satisfaction of your potential customers, do not forget to use Restaurants King of Prussia’s digital menu to provide a hygienic and practical service to the customer…

Software For Your Restaurant: 5 Keys To Choose The Best SaaS

Programs Software as a Service (SaaS) for restaurants are downloaded as any mobile app or via Internet tablets, and restaurants are licensed by paid subscription.

Unlike software with the high cost and time-to-place implementations, which are traditionally installed and maintained on a server on-site, SaaS systems and solutions are rented to customers as a commercial license.

According to Forbes, SaaS technology will replace infrastructure- and platform-based services as the dominant computing solution for businesses throughout the 2020s. But despite this growth, SaaS remains a first for many restaurant owners and companies, especially in Spain. As cloud-based systems like SaaS become more common, restorers discover that these solutions provide more benefits than their outdated predecessors with closed solutions.

Here are a few tips on the benefits of the restaurant software model as a service:

Lower Initial Investment

The traditional point of sale requires restaurants to invest in hardware and software that can cost tens of thousands of euros. And the process doesn’t end there – a professional will have to configure the hardware and the server to run it before installing the software to educate their team on how to use it. Maintaining and updating the system with new features will also incur additional costs.

Lower Lifetime Cost

Most restaurant owners are familiar with the high costs and frustrations of upgrading and maintaining a traditional point of sale system. Sellers often give discounts on initial costs to secure a long-term commitment that will pay off in future charges.

Easy To Configure

Installing a SaaS point of sale is much easier than setting up a traditional system. Most vendors will come to your location to ensure the system is working properly and that you know how to use it, but the software will not need to be installed by an IT person.

Access From Anywhere

Rather than physically sitting at the restaurant’s computer to view their data, cloud POS systems allow restaurateurs to remotely access all information. Users are not held captive by a computer at the point of sale because SaaS POS software is accessible online.

Technical Support From Anywhere

SaaS technical support has the same remote access as users, eliminating the need for on-site fixes and allowing for more timely assistance. Depending on their needs, restaurant managers or employees can call a support line and walk their technician through the problem over the phone while they fix it.

In Pennsylvania, Restaurants King of Prussia offers you a complete Saas for restaurants, allowing the digitization of the menu and the professionalization of Delivery.