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Programs Software as a Service (SaaS) for restaurants are downloaded as any mobile app or via Internet tablets, and restaurants are licensed by paid subscription.

Unlike software with the high cost and time-to-place implementations, which are traditionally installed and maintained on a server on-site, SaaS systems and solutions are rented to customers as a commercial license.

According to Forbes, SaaS technology will replace infrastructure- and platform-based services as the dominant computing solution for businesses throughout the 2020s. But despite this growth, SaaS remains a first for many restaurant owners and companies, especially in Spain. As cloud-based systems like SaaS become more common, restorers discover that these solutions provide more benefits than their outdated predecessors with closed solutions.

Here are a few tips on the benefits of the restaurant software model as a service:

Lower Initial Investment

The traditional point of sale requires restaurants to invest in hardware and software that can cost tens of thousands of euros. And the process doesn’t end there – a professional will have to configure the hardware and the server to run it before installing the software to educate their team on how to use it. Maintaining and updating the system with new features will also incur additional costs.

Lower Lifetime Cost

Most restaurant owners are familiar with the high costs and frustrations of upgrading and maintaining a traditional point of sale system. Sellers often give discounts on initial costs to secure a long-term commitment that will pay off in future charges.

Easy To Configure

Installing a SaaS point of sale is much easier than setting up a traditional system. Most vendors will come to your location to ensure the system is working properly and that you know how to use it, but the software will not need to be installed by an IT person.

Access From Anywhere

Rather than physically sitting at the restaurant’s computer to view their data, cloud POS systems allow restaurateurs to remotely access all information. Users are not held captive by a computer at the point of sale because SaaS POS software is accessible online.

Technical Support From Anywhere

SaaS technical support has the same remote access as users, eliminating the need for on-site fixes and allowing for more timely assistance. Depending on their needs, restaurant managers or employees can call a support line and walk their technician through the problem over the phone while they fix it.

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